Green Frog Coin

Your Digital Coin.


GFr Coin

The one and only solution for your digital coin. Centralized and private blockchain and cryptocurrency project.


CGFr was designed to be straightforward for new users to do crypto transactions anonymously

Stable Exchange Rate

GFr algorithm give more stable rate than any crypto currency in transaction.


It’s fast, private, and secure. You can spend safely, no other can see your balances or track your activity.

How To

  • 1
    Create an Account

    To use GFr you must register and use GFr digital wallet. Go to the register page to create your account.

  • 2
    Do Transaction

    After registration is succeed, you'll have your wallet created in your account. You now can do transaction.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can i try before i buy?

Yes, but you need the referral person and ask your referral for coin testing.

How to do transaction ?

Make sure that you have enough coin, go to the transaction page and send your coin to the recipient's wallet id.

Can I have several wallet?

Each account only can have one wallet.

Will someone can track my transaction?

Your transaction is yours. All the transaction is encrypted in the blockchain. The encryption is seed with your password.

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